Discrimination on body size

I come from a very rural village and a brahmin culture. In my family gatherings, and other interactions with people in and around my village in Kerala, I have noticed something peculiar. People tend to consider body size as a source of authority and respect. I am a naturally thin guy and hence people consider me as not so much importance. By importance, I don’t mean in any other way but giving a sense of agency or dignity.

Since I don’t have much body fat, I sort-of look young. And so, people don’t seem to take me seriously, even in family.

This seems to have a correlation with their education levels and their open mindedness. As in, the more educated and open minded they are, the more they don’t seem to care about body size or age and tend to respect anyone with providing people with appropriate dignity.

It’s is very curious how many biases we humans are burdened with.

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